Internship for the Professions: SPANISH 4930

Contact Mary K. Long for enrolment approval and Internship Proposal form.

Pre-requisites:  SPAN 3100, SPAN 3200 or 3220 (3210) and an additional course above SPAN 3000.

  1. Internship for academic credit will be directly related to language proficiency goals.
  1. They are to be conducted under the guidance of the Spanish for the Professions Program
  1. Appropriate reading and evaluation of written reports to be conducted by one of the professors in charge of the Spanish for the Professions Program.
  1. Academic research is an essential aspect of the internship for credit.
  2. A minimum of 39-40 hours of work is required for each credit hour thus, four credit hours would require 160 hours of work. This could be accomplished during one or two semesters or on a concentrated period during vacation and summers. The breakdown is as follows:
    40 hours = 1 credit

    80 hours = 2 credits
    120 hours = 3 credits
    160 hours = 4 credits
  1. A written report (term paper)  done under the supervision of  a Spanish for the Professions Professor of:
    15 pages = 1 credit 
    20 pages = 2 credits
    25 pages = 3 credits 
    30 pages = 4 credits

            including relevant bibliography.

  1. The intern’s supervisor in his or her working situation will agree to an evaluation at the end of the internship, assessing the intern’s participation.
  1. Students seek the internship situation, but professional counsel, guidance, and contracts and final approval must be provided by the Spanish for the Professions Program. Students register for the course during the semester they write the research paper. Work hours must be completed by the end of this semester, though it is also possible to complete the work prior to registering for the course upon approval from the Spanish for the Professions Program.
  1. A written proposal outlining the internship and its goals should describe the host agency and position in detail, a specific description of responsibilities to be undertaken, the benefits and particular problems related to internship; if the internship is abroad, it cannot interfere with initial language orientation or courses pursued; if internship does not originate through the Spanish Department, recommendations in writing will be required from other professional courses (i.e. Geology)