Placement/Exemption Exam

If you would simply like to see which level of Spanish might be most appropriate for you, there is an on-line placement exam available (password: ralphie1). This exam is NOT an exemption exam, however it is a useful tool to determine your proficiency in Spanish. Please note that after taking the test you must enroll yourself in the level indicated. Simply taking the placement exam does not automatically enroll you in a course, nor does it grant any credits for courses out of which you might place.

The Spanish language exemption exam (UFLT) is conducted by Career Services (Center for Community, N352, 303.492.5854). There is a fee of $40 and pre-registration is required. The UFLT is a multi-choice format test and consists of two parts: a 25-minute Listening Section in which a tape is played and a 60-minute Reading and Grammar Section. If passed, the exemption test fulfills the three-semester A&S language requirement but no credit hours are granted.