FAQ current students


Yes, but not at any time. You can request transfers at the time of admission to the department, up to six credits (you cannot request a transfer ex-post facto, to avoid repeating a class that you failed, for example). Credits will be considered if they were graduate credits and were not part of any other degree already awarded (i.e. if you took more credits than needed in your MA somewhere else, those credits cannot be transferred).

The Department will take care of that for you. Your schedule will be communicated to you with ample time for you to make the necessary preparations.

The Program Assistant will register all graduate students in the department for seminars. First, you must meet with your advisor to discuss your seminars for the next semester and complete the required form. Then you must meet (at a date that will be communicated to you in a timely fashion) with the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, who will clear your selections and take care of the rest of the process.

You cannot enroll yourself under any circumstances, even for an undergraduate language class.

The only classes that count as graduate classes are those numbered 5000 or 7000 and that are taught by a member of a graduate faculty. Cross-listed classes count as graduate credits, but only if  they fulfill both of the aforementioned conditions. No 3000 or 4000 level classes count. Students can take them, but in addition to the normal load.

The only exceptions to this rule are language classes (within or outside the department), taken in order to fulfill language requirements.

The seminar load is three per semester, except during the exam semester, in which you are allowed to take two seminars. If you are a TA/GPTI, this load is mandatory, regardless of the number of credits that you have accumulated.  

Absolutely. Make sure to discuss this option with you advisor, so that the additional course load does not hinder your exam preparation, your teaching, or your overall performance.

You should make every effort to take classes outside the department, in order to develop a truly interdisciplinary / comparative outlook, enhance your intellectual horizons, hone your language skills, and increase your competitive edge in the labor market.

Yes. One 3 credit Independent Study course is allowed (and encouraged).Keep in mind the following provisions:

(1) Said course must focus on the student´s dissertation proposal and shall be taken no earlier than the semester when the Ph D comprehensive exam is taken.
(2) the timing, goals and outcome have to be approved by the Associate Chair (a grade will nor be given without a clear indication that the goals have been reached (i.e. that the Proposal have been approved by the Dissertation Committee).
(3) it cannot be taken just to substitute a class, or fulfill an area requirement.
(4) it cannot be taken concurrently with a seminar taught by the same professor under which you will be taking the DS.
(5) Only one DS will be allowed throughout the degree.