It is possible, but you should contact the Editor beforehand to see about its viability. You can also certainly submit a review essay that addresses a current debate in a particular field, as carried out in recent scholarship. Again, it is advisable to contact the Editor beforehand.

As soon as we receive an article, we send it to expert readers affiliated with CRHS. It usually takes six to eight weeks to receive an evaluation. However, please be aware that if you send an article during the summer, the process is slightly longer.

As most journals in the field, CRHS accepts submissions in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Starting with volume 8, CRHS will adhere to the latest MLA Style Manual. Articles that do not adhere to these specifications will not be accepted.

For a very useful reference sheet, please visit Purdue's OWL. 

The article should not exceed 8500 words, including footnotes and references.

You can submit an article as an e-mail attachment ( addressed to Susan Hallstead, Editor, The Colorado Review of Hispanic Studies. Please make sure that you indicate clearly whether you want your submission to be considered for the thematic dossier or the non-thematic section.